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Post by Admin on Sun Apr 10, 2016 7:24 pm

A new band of heros walk up to the gates of old Mack Donauld's Farm.

Introduction Heroicafog-farm

The normally bustling activity of the farm is nowhere to be seen.  All of the animals seem to have scattered or hidden themselves away.  There are bloody paths of earth, deep footprints, and signs of battle everywhere.  As the heroes look at the scene an old man, Farmer Mack Donauld stumbles up to them, pitchfork in hand, his face streaked with blood and dirt.

Introduction Heroicanpc-oldmackdonauld  Heroes, by the Harvest it is good you are here.  The seasons have shifted, the creatures are breeding out of control.  And He is back.  We forced them off into the fields, but I don't think we could do it again.  Please, you gotta thin them herds out, or the farm might not survive to see the harvest.


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