Introduction to the third run

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Introduction to the third run Empty Introduction to the third run

Post by Admin on Mon Apr 17, 2017 2:19 pm

As the heroes approach the farm several see that little has changed since their last visit.

Introduction to the third run Heroicafog-farm

Introduction to the third run Heroicanpc-oldmackdonauld  Welcome Youngins, I'm glad to see that ya'll didnt waste much time gettin here.  I dont know if it was the early heat this spring, or the extra snow this winter, but the critters in my fields are going crazy.  I aint seen neer this much activity in them acres since the Troll migration took them straight through the apple orchards.  If ye're up to it, I'd appershiate you knocking back the numbers a bit.  Aint enough space to go around with all them Beasties out there.  The deal's the same as it ever was.  Ye keep what you take, and I might even be able to let you buy a little sumpin when you get back.  Now who is in charge of this group of yours?  You got any questions?


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